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Isotonix products offer the fastest and most efficient delivery system of all nutraceutical supplements. Formulated using only the most advanced and scientifically proven ingredients, Isotonix products provide both rapid delivery and superior results. Isotonix products are completely free of binders and fillers common in traditional tablet and capsule products so you know that you are getting only the quality ingredients you expect. Isotonix has you covered with quality ingredients and products you can’t find anywhere else.


Isotonix Delivery System


Isotonic Liquid

  • Rapid Absorption
  • Easy to Swallow
  • Highly Concentrated Nutrients
  • Maximum Benefits

The Isotonix Advantage

Isotonix delivers nutrient dense solutions which move from the stomach into your intestine in a fast, controlled way.




Isotonix products are formulated with the proper balance of fructose, d-glucose, citric acid, potassium bicarbonate and other key ingredients to assure that they are isotonic when properly prepared. This combination of ingredients is necessary to maintain the flavor, isotonic character, pH and delivery efficiency of these nutritional supplements. Normally, when you ingest a daily vitamin or nutritional supplement tablet, your body must work for up to four hours digesting and absorbing the vitamins and nutrients. During this lengthy breakdown process, a percentage of the nutritive value is lost. But because Isotonix products are powders, none of the fillers, binders, coatings and lubricants that are common to tablet manufacturing are necessary. There are no gelatin capsules or fillers. As a result, the amount of time and work necessary to absorb a supplement is greatly decreased.


The World’s Most Advanced Nutraceuticals.
Let us show you the future.


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Qualifying patients are eligible for one pair of extra-depth shoes and three pairs of inserts every calendar year. Call us Today! for more information


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Rx SKIN THERAPY offers complete skin care regimens customized for your skin type. Our products are designed to cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect your skin. Today, the line includes 18 products intended to improve the appearance of aging skin. The line includes cleansers, facial masques and exfoliants, moisturizers, and anti-aging and skin-rejuvenation products.

Because the formulations are science-based and contain medicinal percentages of cosmeceutical ingredients and botanicals, the products are significantly different than most similar products, which often include only trace amounts of these expensive ingredients and botanicals. Our entire line is gluten free, but even those without gluten issues will love our products.

An Important Note About Our Products:
Rest assured that our products are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. We never test on animals and manufacture with the environment in mind. All ingredients are eco-safe. Additionally, our products contain no irritating dyes or chemical fragrances





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is your partner in ensuring a quality medical treatment.  More than the usual pharmacy companies, we take the greater step of ensuring only the best care and product in their right amount comes served to you. We are proud to be hailed as the leading pharmacy working at its best to provide you with innovative, well developed, and reliable pharmaceutical products.  We are focused to the development, manufacturing, sale and distribution of quality secured medicines, vitamins, supplements, and others.

Your partner in health has been making available a wide array of products and various services that are focused towards your benefit. And together as partners, we can provide the genuine care you long to your families and other people who are:

  • Infants and toddlers
  • Early childhood
  • School aged children
  • Teens and adults
  • Seniors

Whoever you are, we will be able to help you as we also help medical institutions, clinics, and hospitals in their medical supplies and requests. Paul’s Pharmacy is always ready to answer your questions. Meet with our pharmacist for a consultation.


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